Ha! It took a couple of girlfriends to think of this!

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Check this out: jewelry, a stroke counter, and a glove — all in one :-)

Talk about a blend of style & function! It’s pure genius, and it comes to you from a little company called Sassy Swings.

Sassy Swings was founded in 2005 by Tina Siebenman and Lisa Sacco, two women who started as neighbors, then became friends, and then decided to go into business together. We caught up Tina and she gave us an insider’s peek into the inspiration behind this lovely & bejeweled golf accessory.

Sassy Swings co-founder Tina Siebenman.

Sassy Swings co-founder Tina Siebenman.

WomanGolfApparel: Tina, we think your gloves are fabulous. Tell us: what came first — the idea of dressing up a golf glove with jewelry or the idea of adding a stroke counter to a glove?

Tina: The idea of adding jewelry came first.  One day, Lisa put a sparkly ring on a pair of winter leather gloves, and things escalated from there.  We added some inexpensive beads to golf gloves and took them to our local club — they were an instant hit.

WGA: How long did it take you to work out the details of the design?

Tina: The toughest part was deciding what type of beads to use, how to attach them, and how to keep them on securely.  I had seen a pretty beaded stroke counter in the past (the kind that clips on your bag) and knew that we could make our bracelets into a stroke counter.

WGA: What happened next?

Tina: Once we had the ideas in our head, we started to bead all different kinds of  golf gloves — any we could get our hands on. Then we invited our golfing friends over to give their opinion.

Like all the Sassy Swings gloves, the Sophia's beaded bracelet doubles as a stroke counter.

Like all the Sassy Swings gloves, the Sophia's beaded bracelet doubles as a stroke counter.

WGA: And?

Tina: They loved the gloves.

We still have those original prototype  gloves, too. Some still look pretty fabulous. A few of the others . . . let’s just say we don’t have plans to add them to our product line.

WGA: Tell us about the Tia — your customizable glove.

Tina: The names of each of our gloves have personal meanings for us.

The “Sophia”  is named after Lisa’s Daughter. “Gale” is the name of a girlfriend who helped us get started in manufacturing. Lisa and I both share the same middle name “Renee.” “Alecia” is another friend — the very diligent and faithful friend who took on the beading process.

And “Tia” is my daughter’s name. It’s a glove you can customize with your favorite birthstones or colors.

WGA: Have you had any truly unique or surprising requests on orders for the Tia?

Tina: Yes! One of the first really fun challenges we had was to recreate an engagement ring for a gentleman who wanted to propose to his girlfriend.  He sent us a picture of the ring and we recreated it and stitched it to the golf glove.

But we never heard back  from him if she said “yes”!

WGA. Oh, how could she have resisted! :-)

We noticed that part of your proceeds are donated to the National Children’s Cancer Society. Is there a particular reason you chose to do this?

Tina: Lisa and I are both stay-at-home moms, and our children were right there next to us — literally crawling — when we started our business.  We knew we wanted to be able to give back and that is one of the ways we’ve  been able to do so.

WGA: Besides your website, where can women buy Sassy Swing gloves?

Tina: We place our gloves in retail locations all around the country, including places like Del Mar Country Club and some Las Vegas proshops. You can also find us in gift shops and some online stores.

If you  have questions about sizes or styles the best place is directly on our website or by phone at 314-740-7800.

WGA: How long have you been golfing?

Tina: I have been golfing since I was 8 years old.  Each spring I start out fast and furious and then by summer my game is just a quick nine when I can get it in.

With children at home I am still waiting for the day I can just go out  when ever I want to.

WGA: We can relate to that!

Is there anything else our readers would like to know about your company and your gloves?

Tina: Lisa and I are so blessed. This adventure taught us the importance of friendship, balancing family and work, and to always have an open mind.   Plus I think we are proof you can turn a dream into a reality if you make the mental  decision to do it.

Click here to visit the Sassy Swings’ website.

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