Laura Diaz mixes a straight-up Golftini

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Laura Diaz is one of those LPGA pros you love to cheer on.

She makes the cut consistently (24 out of 27 starts last year). She’s off to a great start in the 2009 golf season — she’s already positioning herself to land a spot on this year’s USA Solheim Cup team.


For Laura Diaz, Golftini brand apparel hits the sweet spot for style and fit.

She’s a working mom (her son turns three this year!)

And Laura’s a golfer with a great sense of style.

Her golf apparel brand of choice? Until recently, she’s favored brands that have long been household names for upscale sportswear. Calvin Klein. Tommy Hilfiger.

Not any more. Laura Diaz now wears Golftini.

Yes, the name is a hybrid of “golf” and “martini.” It’s also on the cutting edge of a new era in women’s golf clothing: functional, great-fitting, stylish — a direct challenge to the old-boy-network of classic prep.

Here’s what Laura has to say about Golftini and why it’s a fit for her golf game. Laura, you’ve always favored the classics when it comes to golf clothing styles. Yet it sounds like you never looked back the minute you saw Golftini. What is it about their line that got you excited?

Laura: The patterns in the skirts caught my eye right away. Then, once I put them on I just loved everything about them.  I have never gotten so many compliments before on my different outfits.

WGA: Do you see Golftini as occupying a similar niche as brands like Klein and  Hilfiger?

Laura: I feel as though Golftini has its own niche in the world of golf, grabbing both the preppy golfer and the  athletic one.

WGA: You’ve been quoted as saying that Golftini has “great customer service.” Could you elaborate on that?

Laura Diaz joined Golftini at their booth at this year's PGA Merchandise show.

Laura Diaz joined Golftini at their booth at this year's PGA Merchandise show. It was the patterns on their skirts, she says, that first caught her eye.

Laura: I have been working with them for less than six months and they get me product no matter where I am.  (Co-owners) Susan [Hess] and Samantha [Materek] are amazing.

WGA: Do you wear Golftini apparel off the course as well, and if so, why?

Laura: I do have some skirts from Golftini that I wear off the course because they are sooo cute.

WGA: Is there anything in particular about the Golftini fit that you like and that other women golfers would appreciate?

Laura: I am a big fan of a cotton lycra mix.  On the course I do a lot of turning and the fabric lets me move.

WGA: You’ve often favored sleeveless polos when playing. Is that to make it comfortable to swing, to keep cooler, or do you just like the look?

Laura: I favor sleeveless so I can stay cooler and so my tan lines are not so bad.

WGA: Are there any particular Golftini pieces we’ll be sure to see you wearing on the tour this year?

Laura: Everything!

WGA: Beautiful — we can’t wait to see what Golftini outfits you put together  :-)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule for us, Laura, and best of luck to you this year!

Golftini is carried by over 300 golf shops, boutiques, and resorts, and can also be purchased directly from the Golftini website.

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