Improve your game, note by note

Jun 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Working on your game

Even though it’s a physical game, golf is also a sport that requires a big helping of thoughtfulness.

My Golf Book is a notebook designed for recording notes about your golf game.

My Golf Book is a notebook designed for recording notes about your golf game.

You have to study the mechanics of your swing so you can troubleshoot if things go wrong. You have to plan how you want to play each shot. You have to observe the results of each new shots you play — and remember how your creativity paid off so you can try that trick again in the future. Or not!

That’s why we were so thrilled when we found out about a little company called My Golf Book.

My Golf Book prints notebooks that are designed specifically for taking notes about your golf game.

Yes, they’re beautiful!

But they’re practical, too.

Each book is divided into tabbed sections: practice, people, scores, achievements, tips, travel, courses, equipment, goals, and notes.

If you take lessons, you now have a central place to jot down what the pro thought you should work on. You can record the courses you’ve played and golf trips you’ve taken. You can set goals for yourself in writing — and note when you’ve met them!

The books are 8×5 inches — small enough to tuck into your golf bag — and have enough room for 2-3 years’ worth of notes. The covers are water-resistant laminate.

Click here to see the full selection from My Golf Book. They retail for $18.95 plus shipping.

And don’t forget My Golf Book the next time you’re looking for tournament prizes! They’d be perfect for that, don’t you think?